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    I was born in Bordeaux, France.

    My mother being Irish and my father French, I grew up in a bi-cultural environment.



    MOTEL 2016

    After spending 3 years with AKASHA Actor's studio in Bordeaux, I moved to Galway in 2013 to pursue my studies.

    Viviene 2014

    In 2013-14 I became a member of The Factory and worked under the direction of Shimmy Marcus, Cathy Brady, Lance Daly, Rebecca Daly, the actor's coach Gerry Grennel and casting director Maureen Hughes.

    Edwart&Arlette 2014

    I have enjoyed working on a range of shows for both stage and screen.

    Edwart&Arlette 2014

    I starred in MOTEL which was screened in the Cannes Short film Corner 2016.

    Edwart&Arlette 2014

    In rehearsal...preparing for THE WALLPAPER , a Fleet of Feet production presented as part of the Galway Fringe Festival 2017.

    Edwart&Arlette 2014

    I have been a member of Ikarus Stage Arts, since 2018. Ikarus is an international performance group and platform for artistic exploration directed by Odin Teatret actors Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso.

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  • Film 

    'Should, Woulda, Coulda'

    by Jonathan Farrelly

    Docu-Reality Series Promo
    Director: Jonathan Farrelly
    Producer:  Makers TV - Dublin Institute of Technology.
    Role: Betty


    What would you do if you could change a moment in your life? Give people a chance to go back and make things right.


    by Jody Elizabeth and Tegan Ashmore 2014


    Feature Promo

    Director: Jody Elizabeth and Tegan Ashmore

    Producer: The Factory

    Role: Rose


    A Promo for the feature film 'Viviene' filmed as part of the Cornerstone scheme.


    " Viviene is the story of a woman who suppresses a horrific past deep within her gut. It broods and bubbles with memories of abuse, not only from others but also from herself " - Written by Tegan Ashmore and Jodie Elizabeth.

    'Edwart & Arlette'

    by Alan Phelan 2014

    Short Film

    Director: Alan Phelan

    Producer: Alan Phelan

    Role: Mary


    "This adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of the Cardboard Box has been reworked into a stylish whodunit with shot design and dialogue coming from a collection of hand photos gathered from mainly self-harming social media image sites.

    The words and sentence fragments found on these images were developed into dialogue and remain in the order they were found, forcing the narrative to take some unexpected turns.

    The central characters are modeled on a photograph of a French art critic and museum curator, now also doubling up as a gender shifting brother/sister. Murder and unrequited or misunderstood love are still key to the story which here crosses sexual boundaries and bleakly acted out through hand gestures and attention seeking garbled dialogue"
    - Written by Alan Phelan

    'Stein Study' 

    by Shimmy Marcus 2014


    Commercial /Short Film

    Director: Shimmy Marcus
    Producer: 1 Production
    Role: Brigitte CHAPEAU.


    "Why study abroad? An incident at Dublin Port Patrol.


    Three officers are confronted with a French national travelling with what appears to be a suspicious package, but run into serious difficulties when trying to communicate with their detainee." - Stein Study

    'Manhattan' in 60sec

    by Jonathan Farrelly 

    Short Film
    Director: Jonathan Farrelly

    Producer: Jonathan Farrelly
    Role: Tracy


    One of the five finalists in the International Jameson Empire Awards in London.


    Manhattan is the Woody Allen movie of the same name shot and edited to 60 seconds, showing the film in its entirety in just 60 seconds.

    MOTEL by Christina Gillet et Barbara Dupin

    Short Film
    Director: Christina Gillet et Barbara Dupin

    Kaplan & Kaplan

    In a valley, a tiny house seems to have dragged itself away from the world. A man lives on the fringe of a society which he only knows trough the many items he collects in the forest. He tries to find them a place and use in his daily routine. Until he finds two teenage girls...


    Market Place Cannes 2016

    Emma Murphy fights back by Rachael Moriarty & Emma Murphy.

    Voice Over - Documentary
    Director: Rachael Moriarty

    RTE 2


    Documentary following 26-year-old Emma Murphy as she tries to use her experience of domestic violence to make a difference. Filmed over two years, Emma undertakes a journey to increase awareness about domestic violence, and encourage other young women to speak out.
  • Theatre

    'The Adventures of Shay Mouse'

    by Patrick McCabe.

    Play - Musical

    Director: Andrew Flynn
    Producer: GYT -
    Role: Baby Phibbian.


    Shay Mouse lives peacefully in Bornacoola Wood in Longford, smoking his pipe and inventing boastful stories for young Tom Pat Badger and Mickey Slug.

    When an evil band of rats are burned out of a barn in Mullingar, they take over the wood.


    Galway International Arts Festival 2013.

    'Seduced' by Sam Shepard.

    Play - Ensemble
    Director: Lane Jackson
    Producer: Dramsoc NUIG - nominated at the ISDAs
    Role: Desire.


    Henry Hackamore, reputed to be the richest man in the world, is now a bearded, aged recluse, who lives on the top floor of a Caribbean luxury hotel, attended by his bodyguard-nurse, Raul. Paranoid, desperately lonely and obsessed by a fear of germs, he is kept alive by drugs and infusions of blood from other geniuses. Aware that his life is ebbing away, and determined to have one last fling, he flies in two women whom he had known, and loved, in the past. But while they are still attractive and vigorous, his energies are so drained that they can only talk of other times and other places.


    Entrapped by his delusions, Hackamore is a burnt-out case, a parody of the American Dream who, despite his limitless wealth and power, cannot forestall the inevitable decline into futility, boredom and an agonizingly lonely death.

    Poster by Giulia Godmet


    by Stella Godmet

    One Woman Play
    Director: Brice Cauvin & Charlotte Croisille.
    Producer: AKASHA - Temps d'M Espace pour l'Acteur.
    Role(s): All


    Inspired by Arthur Schlesinger's, March 1964 interview to Jackie Kennedy (after John Fitzgerald death).


    This play is based on historical facts.It attempts to go behind the scenes and suggest the contrast between the private and public personas of the Kennedys and the people in their orbit Jacqueline Kennedy, Norma Jean / Marilyn Monroe... wore masks when they appeared in public.

    Their public lives were carefully controlled performances.


    Selected for the Jerôme Hynes Festival.

    'Le Vieux Juif Blonde'

    by Amanda Sthers

    One Woman Play.
    Director: Luc Faugère
    Producer: AKASHA - Temps d'M Espace pour l'Acteur.
    Role(s): All


    The 'Old Blond Jew', is the story of a young girl named Sophie. She suffers from a multiple personality disorder.

    Her body and her mind are inhabited by Joseph Rosenblath, an 80 year-old Jew, survivor of the Holocaust.


    The actress is alone on stage.

    Only a chair is set, in the middle of the space.


    The Sadness of the Little Sparrow

    by Jim Yates


    One Woman Play.
    Director: Stella GODMET
    Producer: Les Enfants Terribles.

    Role : Director


    What if you were invited by world famous French chanteuse, Edith Piaf into her dressing room to relive her earthly journey with all its pain, sorrow, joy, success and many love affairs?


    Come and join her for an evening in the pink-tinted purgatory where she is doomed to spend eternity with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Alfred de Musset and other famous luminaries.



    Her Cylindrical Box
    by Stella Godmet


    One-act Play.
    Director: Rob Harrington
    Producer: LittleRock Theatre.

    Role : Colleen (lead)


    An engagement about to be announced, a party in an old country house…
    Colleen; the bride to be, hides in the library where she comes face to face with her cousin ; Dee.

    The play unfolds, concealed motives and threats arise. The characters’ public masks drop.
    « We made a deal…medical history, history of mental disorder…Coco is trapped... or does Coco want to play?»


    Selected for the Scene & Heard Festival 2017


    The Wallpaper by Fleet of Feet

    Ensemble Physical Theatre piece.
    Devised piece.

    Role : Deviser/performer.


    Combining dance and theatre, The Wallpaper deals with the perception of “madness” and plays with the fine line between reality and hallucination.

    The Wallpaper explores the feeling of seclusion through myths and stories, such as Charlotte Perkins' The Yellow Wallpaper, the Greek Myth of Ariadne and the Blue Beard legend.

    Characters who seemed to have escaped from their own tales are drawn to one another by their experience of confinement.


    Selected for the Scene & Heard Festival 2017

    The Wallpaper by Fleet of Feet

    Ensemble Physical Theatre piece.
    Devised piece.

    Role : Deviser/performer.


    Selected for the Galway Fringe Festival - JULY 2017





    WE'RE ALL MAD HERE by Mad Here Creations

    Physical Theatre - Dance - Visual Art

    Role: Producer

    A world of wonders where madness goes wild, where no one is crazy.
    We’re All Mad Here is a performance depicting a limbo-space. Experience interweaving physical theatre that draws upon mime, dance and visual art.

    Inspired by the borderlines of the unknown, We’re All Mad Here invites you to enter a limbo-space of both physical absurdity and spiritual coherence taking you on a journey encountering strange beings- from a two-headed figure to a four-legged skirt, and anything in between.


    Presented as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2017.

    IKARUS stage arts - nordisk teaterlaboratorium

    Kalaripayattu - Dance - Theatre - Music

    Role: Performer / Deviser


    Ikarus Stage Arts, Nordisk teaterlaboratorium is a International scenic research group directed by Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso from Odin Teatret.


    Performances as part of Centaure Village 2018.






    Blue Devils - First Fortnight Festival 2019.

    Physical Theatre

    Role: Performer / Deviser


    BLUE DEVILS is a work in progress which uses music, voice, physical theatre and movement. It explores imagined moments in the lives of four of Tennessee Williams’ heroines, who were treated as mentally unstable because of their refusal to satisfy the expectations of society.

    In 1943, after being diagnosed as schizophrenic, Rose Williams, Tennessee Williams’ sister, underwent a prefrontal lobotomy which left her mentally incapacitated. Williams was very close to his sister and this trauma left its mark on the man and on the writer. Shades of Rose can be found in many of Williams’ female characters. Mentally unstable or free spirited ?

    "Blanche, Zelda, Serafina and Catherine are strong, unconventional women that normative society tries to ground down. In the plays that feature these heroines, Tennessee Williams questions society’s treatment of women who don’t fit into the mold. Inspired by his writings, this piece will take the audience into the imagined private world of these characters, into the unwritten."

    « Blue Devils » was an expression used by Tennessee Williams to talk about the voices in his head, when he was in low spirits. In August 1931 he writes in his notebook ; « A little crazy blue devil has been me all day . I wish I could shake him off and walk alone and free in the sunlight once more. ».


    The Many Faces of Her -

    Physical Theatre

    Role: Performer / Deviser


    "Shaped by the gaze of others"

    Throughout the 20th century, a majority of patients were institutionalized due to a behavior considered unfit for society.Societies today continue to stigmatize women who refuse to adopt the normative behaviour expected of them.

    Explore the hidden worlds of institutionalized women through moving parallel stories told simultaneously, while another interpretation of these raw experiences is revealed through painting in the background.



  • Self-tapes & Links


    This is a scene from "Call My Agent".

    This is a scene between Angela and Jane.
    "American beauty", written by Alan Ball and directed by Sam Mendes.

    This is a scene from "Frances".
    The work was done under the direction of Irish director Terry McMahon who is best known for "Patrick's day" which was awarded 2015 Irish Film and Television Awards, among many others.

  • NEWS



    Edwart & Arlette by Alan Phelan 

    ‘After 'Edwart & Arlette' spending it's summer at the
    Treignac Projet in France the film is now on its wider Europe tour’ Alan Phelan.

    Schedule of upcoming screenings for 'Edwart & Arlette':

    • Lewis Glucksman Gallery, UCC, Cork 19 February, 2015 screening and talk as part of the exhibition Selective Memory-Artists and the archive showing the installation Handjob 21 November 2014-15 March 2015


    • The Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin opening January-Feb, 2015 date TBA. Solo exhibition .

    Finally, the film has been included in the Bonn Videonale.1

    • Videonale.15 - February 27 to April 19, 2015
      Videonale e.V. im Kunstmuseum Bonn
      Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 53113 Bonn

    http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt3952136/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

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